WestLaw.com Website Review & Ratings + WestLaw.com Coupons
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WestLaw.com Website Review & Ratings + WestLaw.com Coupons

WestLaw.com : Products & Services

homson Reuters Westlaw has been a partner to the US legal system for more than century. The company focuses on providing its clientele the highest-quality legal, regulatory and business information. Various products are aligned under three categories at their online store and these include; shop product category (books & CD, software & services, and etc.), shop jurisdictions category (California, Florida, etc. ), and shop practice areas (bankruptcy law, civil procedure, etc. ). The company is also the home of WestlawNext - the premier online legal research platform. Through a strong affiliation with Elite and FindLaw businesses Thomson Reuters Westlaw leverages its knowledge of the legal market with solutions for client development and legal office automation.

WestLaw.com : Company Background

Thomson Reuters Westlaw is a part of Thomson Reuters and is headquartered in 610 Opperman Dr, Eagan, MN 55123-1340. Thomson Reuters Westlaw is doing business for more than a century. BBB record shows that the business started January 01, 1851. It is headed by its Principal Ms. Tabitha Schultz. The company is operating under the business category of Computers Hardware, Software & Services, Information, Technology Services, Web Design, Manufacturers & Producers, and Law Books.

WestLaw.com : Customer Feedback & Reviews

Westlaw.com products receive reviews favorably. The site has been mentioned on iphonejd for their WestlawNext -- legal research on the iPad for easy to navigation feature.   The site has been reviewed as well to LTN (Law Technology News) for “Folder sharing across organizations gives me a tool to maintain working relationships with outside counsel and clients and provides another opportunity to reduce legal research costs” and more reviews. If there’s a high point reviews the company also got complaints from customers pertaining to Billing / Collection Issues, Problems with Product / Service and Advertising / Sales Issues. Fortunately the company got a well-organized customer service and all complaints filed against them will al resolve.

WestLaw.com : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Thomson Reuters Westlaw is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. However, it is rated “A+” by the bureau. The factors which raises the rating of the company includes, length of time of the business has been operated, responses and resolution to 24 complaints filed against business, and sufficient background information on the business. The company also receives several awards. Awards include; Top Honors in 2012 New York Law Journal Reader Rankings, Voted Best by Readers of The National Law Journal, and New Product of the Year. Furthermore, the company has been mentioned to some media coverage’s like Practice Innovations.

WestLaw.com : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa shows one (1) submitted review for Westlaw.com and is rated five stars stating “Research on Westlaw is top notch!” The site got a global rank of 12,574 with 8,860 site linking into it. Visitors to the site spend roughly 37 seconds on each page view and a total of sixteen minutes on the site during each visit. The site has 35.13% search traffic with average impact on search queries. The Google PageRank value is 8 out of 10 with estimated 233,691 unique visitors visited the site per month.

WestLaw.com : Social Media Presence

Westlaw.com is maintaining a blog for their customers categorized into legal current, beyond the bar, the Hubbard perspective, Westlaw insider, engaging expert witnesses litigation blog, Westlaw key author blogs, reference attorney blog, and building your business expert blog. These blogs are updated on a daily basis. They can be found on the leading social networking sites today. Follow them on Facebook with 1,617 of likes.  See various legal videos on their YouTube channel with 143, 994 views. See what's happening right now on Twitter with 1,112 followers. Establish new connections and join discussions on the legal industry to their Linkedin page.

WestLaw.com : Website Security & Safety

No doubt that Web2.westlaw.com site is guaranteed secure. The SSL Certificate for *.westlaw.com is signed by GeoTrust SSL CA wich is signed by GeoTrust Global CA which is signed by Equifax. The site also uses secure (https://) connection when taking payment information as a little closed lock is displayed in the URL. Check through Google’s diagnostics page the site positively listed as not suspicious as a result; no malicious software has been found nor didn’t appear to function as a midway for other sites to be infected for the past 90 days.

WestLaw.com : Pricing & Packages

Westlaw.com offers the best deal on their products. They are offering daily deal in which purchasers can save of up to 35%. The products listed on their top packages are reference manual, legal and administrative issues book, law handbook and etc. These products’ price range is from $55.97 to $140.00 and apparently these prices are competitive.  

WestLaw.com : Shipping Rates & Policies

Westlaw.com offers five (5) shipping options for its clientele for orders that will be shipped in the US address. These include; Priority Saturday Delivery shipment, Free Ground Shipping, Priority Next Day, Priority Second Day, and U.S. First Class Mail. Free ground shipping is available on every in-stock Thomson Reuters Westlaw order shipped within the United States. If this option has been chosen, the order will generally ship from Thomson Reuters within 1-2 business days and arrive within 7-10 days via the carrier that Thomson Reuters selects.

For orders that will be shipped outside US it can be shipped via International Best Rate and International Courier (UPS).

Thomson Reuters charges sales tax in all U.S. states. If an item is subject to sales tax in the state to which it is shipped, tax is generally calculated on its total selling price. In accordance with state tax laws, the total selling price of an item generally includes item-level shipping and handling charges, discounts, and an allocation of order-level shipping and handling charges and discounts.

WestLaw.com : Payment Methods Accepted

Westlaw.com accepts payment through three options. These payment options include; west account, one-time credit card charge, and automated credit card charge. In the event that the purchaser already purchased from West before and have established credit to the company, the west account # can be used as payment for order at store.westlaw.com. This West Account number can be found on shipment inserts and on also on the monthly West statement. Orders billed to West Account are due within 30 days of receipt of invoice.

If One-time Credit Card charge is opted as payment method only the charges for current order will be billed to the credit card number provided. Future subscription service will be billed to the West Account.

For Automated Credit Card charge, all monthly bills for all future Thomson Reuters Westlaw and FindLaw subscriptions will be billed monthly to credit card through the duration of subscription contract which are available only when order includes certain products.

WestLaw.com : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Any products of Westlaw.com are returnable within 45 days of the original invoice and are subject for a full credit or refund. However when returning items all expenses associated with returns is the responsibility of the customer and customers forfeit any applicable discounts if it is part of the promotional sale. For expedite processing of all returns must have a copy of the original delivery or billing document and a brief explanation of the reason for the return must be enclosed.

The policy stated above does not apply to Assured Print Pricing print products or to any online or electronic service such as WestlawNext or ProView eBooks.

WestLaw.com : Product images & screenshots
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